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What Are The Major Functions Of An Advertising Agency?

The ad agency may have several departments or be integrated into one unit to provide better services for their clients. It depends on the type of product being promoted and what is required for the campaign. Here are some of the major functions that you can expect an advertising agency to perform.

Make advertisements

Make advertisements

The main aim of advertising agencies is to make advertisements that attract the attention of the consumer and get them to buy the product or service. They carry out market surveys and keep track of consumer trends. This helps them to design an ad campaign that will get maximum results in the market.

Plan advertisements for companies

The advertisement agency gathers skilled individuals to create the ad and make it appealing to the consumer. They might include copywriters, illustrators, graphic designers, and photographers.

They also help their clients to fix a budget for their promotions so that they don’t spend their money unnecessarily and keep track of how well their ads are performing and adjust them accordingly if needed.

Communicate with the executive and managers

The role of advertising agencies involves contacting prospects and existing clients and communicating with them regularly through email or phone calls to meet their sales objectives. They are also responsible for maintaining contact with the client throughout the creative process, informing the client of progress, and gaining feedback.

The account executive or the account manager is responsible for communicating with the client to set sales goals and create strategies for their ad campaigns. They then coordinate the account services, media, and production staff behind the ad campaign so that it is produced in a timely manner and on budget.

Help in buying a space

They also help in buying space for the ad in different newspapers, magazines, and other media outlets. This is done by negotiating with the media outlet or by putting together a package of advertising services from the agency.

Do sales promotion

Another important function of an advertising agency is to promote sales and increase the product’s sales in the market. They do this by using different advertising methods that will reach out to the target audience in a positive way. This will result in higher sales of the product and also helps the ad agency to gain a good reputation among their clients and other people in the market.

sales promotion

The final stage

During the creation phase of the ad, the agency’s copywriters develop message copy and headlines, slogans, tag lines, and body copy. They work with the art directors to create the layout, color, contrast, and pictures that will go into a commercial or ad. Everything can happen smoothly only after the creatives have been prepared, mechanical production has been completed, and approval by the client has been received. It can be a very complicated process and requires coordination between various departments within the agency to produce a successful ad campaign.

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